Neutral Until Provoked

by Sustenance

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released June 15, 2016

All music written by: Andrew Schultz, David Boughter, Evan Kimmons, and Tristen Colvin

Recorded/Produced by: Chris Tate



all rights reserved


Sustenance Kennesaw, Georgia

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Track Name: Virulent (ft. Erik Green of A Legacy Unwritten)
I'd rather coexist
I'm not an animal
All of these differences they seem so trivial
But if hate is all you feel then I'm glad to oblige
I'll keep moving forward
You'll keep living life blind
Well fuck it cut off my head
I want to live my life
You'd rather see me dead
Well where's your justification?
Don't they say to not cast stones in that book you read?
Open up the sky
Your higher power has no use for me
Close minded
With an open mouth
Only do as your told
Without any doubts
It's just a race to the same fucking hole in the ground
My morals don't come from what's next
I'd rather burn than be a hypocrite
Your God is dead
And the bloods on your hands
But you'd rather blame the world than acknowledge it
If you're reciting the truth
Why does it all sound so Ignorant
If he's truly benevolent
Why would he have you preach intolerance
If he's all you claim him to be
You have failed him miserably
A higher power has no reign over me
Or the person that I choose to be

- Erik Green
The truth
Is lost but not forgotten
We don't live as blind as you may think.
Is foaming from your mouth
Clean up kid; pay attention
Our rights
are lost but not forgotten
We will stand for more than you think
At the end
We'll crack the ground.
To bring truth back to the surface.
Track Name: Leech
Every statement made is so transparent
Self absorbed and incoherent
What an undeserved sense of entitlement
Nobody owes you a fucking thing
Cut the fat another snake in the grass
Another line of bull shit to help your pseudo fame last
An open mouth only feeding your own ego
No body gives a shit about the people you know
So fuck your ego
Fuck every person you pretend to know
When you've burned all of your bridges down
Where the fuck do you expect to go
Believing your own hype
Only following the current trends
So fucking concerned about what you can say next
To impress your internet friends
Your social status doesn't mean shit
When your dead what can you do with it
You're insignificant, a fucking leech
Bleeding others dry for what you think you need
Lower than dirt
Feed the fucking worms
Track Name: Burn (ft. Cody Roberson of Hounds)
I lie awake
I just can't sleep at night
I can't help but think
The worlds just not on our side
I was raised to believe
That if I live this life right
'You'll go to heaven'
That everything will be fine
But when we take our last breath
Can we be happy with what we leave behind
Is this what I get to leave to my kids
A world ran by greed and ignorance

- Cody Roberson
Put me in the fucking ground
Six feet deep
No air no sound
And I wish I could take you mother fuckers with me
You'll never know my pain

I've been inside my head
I've been beside myself
This is no life worth having
Engulfed in flames like a living hell.
I have to admit I'm fuckin scared to death
Hate, struggle and greed somebody please tell me what we have left
I've lost my faith
I've lost all hope for this world
God isn't listening
He doesn't care anymore
We've lost our way
We lost the chance we were given
Wash it away
We'll never see our salvation
Fuck it
I'm fucking ready to watch it burn
Track Name: Heavy Arms
Fucking Loyalty is hard to come by
You swear the truth
But you can't look me in the eye
Take a step back and see your selfish actions
Just hang your head
Create your own distractions
Your heavy heart
You'll never fail to mention
But the things you do
Will speak your true intentions
I guess it's time to come to terms
You can only look out for yourself
Though it's the hardest lesson learned
This world is filled with selfish filth
Where are your morals
Where's your fucking respect for others
You have no morals
No respect for those you call your friends
I've finally given up on the human race
I refuse to take part in their selfish ways
The way you only think of yourself is a fucking disgrace
I'll keep counting down the days until I leave this place
I've been waiting for so long to see the world change
I'll never see the day
Track Name: Deathstrike
I'm losing weight and sleep and every day my anxiety gets the best of me
I never thought that this would be me
But I won't take all the blame
Because I surely wasn't born this way
I've been watching the shit people can do behind your back
But face to face no one can own up for how they act
It's the mother fucking state of the world
It's how no one really has your back
It's no matter how far you come
You're reminded of what you lack
I've become a cynic
Skeptical of my life and everyone who's in it
No faith in other people and their intentions
To live this life alone will surely lead to misery
To grit my teeth and force a smile for my enemy
Track Name: Wasteland (ft. Travis Tabron of Varials)
We're all heading for an early grave
It's sad to say the assailants the same
Another war fought in the 'name of God'
But your God is just a corporate face
Throw it away
The way they taught you to think
Numb to the lies
Expected to live in mediocrity
We've heard these stories all a thousand times before
Repeat the message and keep coming back for more

- Travis
They're pushing against you
Again and again and again
I've seen it to be true
These signs of the end
Are signals of an unjust infection
Within our system
I have a question for
Why I am longing for more
Disappointment surrounds us
Track Name: Provoked
If it smells like shit then it's probably shit
We all see the reality but we never face it
Wipe it clean
Not the slate but the entire human race
Blind action with no consequence
Disgust, disgrace
Obliterate every fucking trace
Consider me humanities opposition
Cower in fear, no chance to beg,
I will stand at the highest position
My only goal is total annihilation

Neutral until provoked
Cleanse the world with the flames you stoked