by Sustenance

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All Music Written By: Sustenance
Recorded/Produced By: Chris Tate


released September 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Sustenance Kennesaw, Georgia

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Track Name: Benz
This is a never ending cycle
You can't tell me who I am and who I'm not
I'm sick of hearing all the same old shit
Don't act like you know what's best for me
You know every one of my mistakes
And then you turn them around and
throw them back in my face
Why Don't you have something to say now
Did you lose your fucking tongue
Don't you have something to say
Because You've always been the only one
I've heard all about who I shouldn't be
So don't you fucking think less of me
I've been inspired to live on my own two feet
It doesn't matter what you fucking say there is nothing about you that defines me
Nothing standing in my way
I will live for me every day
Who I am is what I got
And You can't take that away
I'd rather die than live another life
No more regrets and fuck sympathy
I'll be Standing straight and never on my knees
I see it in your fucking face
You think you're better than me
I see it in your fucking face
You think you're better than me
You're not better than me
Track Name: Brutus
Don't forgive me
For I know just what I do
I don't expect understanding from someone as blind as you
There's a segregation of minds
We're all sheep being filed one by one
If we're all really the same
Then why is there no peace
There is no peace
We've been blinded by our fucking beliefs
What transpires here decides the future of our world
can you really just stand by and watch it all burn
Open up your eyes you're no different than me
It doesn't matter what you fucking believe
Track Name: Slade
This can't be the only life that I know
It doesn't matter where I seem go
No where really feels like my home
I don't like
Who I am
Or where I've been inside my mind
I'm searching for my way back it's truly hard to find
All of these lessons
I swear I learned them all before
And It's clear to me
That the world outside my door
Has nothing to offer
Everyone's a fake
They have a greater plan
And now I think I understand
I promise, I'll never leave this place again
I fuckin promise I'll never leave this place again.
I'm through with this world and I made the right decision
Track Name: Grey (ft. Rhys Rehberg of Adelaide)
Yeah we're all gonna die some day
So I won't dwell on every mistake
I've been standing still for so fucking long
It's time to pick up Before it's to late
Can't let regret control my life
I only see this world through my eyes
And every second that I spend in my head
Is another second I'm blind
I'm the one who chooses my path
Moving forward to never look back
I refuse
I refuse to live this life in misery
So once again
I'll play my hand
I'll take a chance
And be a man
Don't think I'm running away
But I'm sure as hell not standing still